Christmas Storybook Land Volunteer Sign Up Night Supported by Nerds Abroad


  • Christmas Storybook Land is a FREE family Christmas tradition in Albany, Oregon. You can find event information here:
  • Each year, hundreds of volunteers help make this event happen from promotion, to setup, to event operations.
  • Nerds Abroad provided 4 laptops to help assist with their volunteer sign-up.


The Story:

Christmas Storybook Land occurs during December each year in Albany, Oregon. This experience is at the Linn County Fairgrounds and Expo inside the Cascade Pavilion. Traditional Christmas stories, nursery rhymes, fairy tales and family movies have been lovingly recreated for visitors to enjoy. It feels like walking through a fairy tale forest! The event is free although they request food donations for our local foodbank. In 2021, they brought in over 13,000 food donations!


During the preparations for 2022, Nerds Abroad prepared 4 laptops to be used during volunteer onboarding to access their coordination software. These laptops were donated from a variety of sources and were refurbished with new chargers, batteries, and fresh operating system installations.

If you have older technology hanging around your home or office, consider donating it to Nerds Abroad today! We will securely remove your hard drive (and with it, all the data), and give it to you in the process to ensure your information is safe. Contact us today to learn more!