GeoCatalyst™ – Bringing Business to the Doorstep of Freelancers Worldwide

As a small business, there are many essential tasks that require non-essential jobs – for example a graphic designer. This may not be a position they add to their payroll, but it may be a  desperately needed skill to create a graphic, a flyer, a logo, etc. for the company.
 If you Google Search “graphic designer”, you’ll more than likely end up with a list of expensive local GD’s who would blow expectations out of the water, though at a hefty premium…and all that’s really needed is a simple graphic, for a minimal cost.  So where does a company turn? Craigslist? Joe in Accounting who just bought photoshop and is “getting pretty good with it” ? An art university to see if any students want some “pro bono” experience?  
This disconnect between talent and tasks is where former web-dev company GeoCatalyst™ steps in. Founder Jonathan Eischen, an established entrepreneur, wanted to create a digital meeting place between skilled, talented individuals from across the globe, and businesses or companies looking for specific needs to be met. These skills can be access from anywhere…whether they’re web page builders, graphic designers, writers, composers, etc.,  GeoCatalyst™’s mantra, “freely find freelancers worldwide” shows that they’re all about connecting the right people to the right opportunity from all over the world.

I caught up with Jonathan the other day, and was able ask a few questions about where GeoCatalyst™ came from, where it’s at, and where it’s headed:


What inspired GeoCatalyst™?



Jonathan: “Well, that’s a great question. As I think about it, there were two main moments in time that caused the inspiration: First, what inspired the name, and second: what inspired GeoCatalyst™ Freelancers 2016+.

The name was inspired years ago after taking some time off in college. I left school for a term because I was overworked at the time; I was a student full time, operating Little Oak Farms and doing a side job for the Old Creek Wallbed Factory in Corvallis (Oregon). In addition to this, my grandmother passed away suddenly, after I had spent the morning with her and my grandfather. I left OSU and came back to my other grandfather’s farm just outside of Portland, to work for awhile as well as to rest.


One afternoon, I just asked the God: if you want me in technology, would you please provide me with neat business name. I know that sounds youthful or charismatic, but at the time, I just needed things simple. So I simply asked.

The name and website, remarkably, turned out to be available, so I acquired it. I could write a book on that story alone. But from there on, I started GeoCatalyst™ and have been building websites for business around the Pacific Northwest ever since…but now, that is a changing course”.

Why is GeoCatalyst™ important for 3rd world communities?


“We’ll be a company that builds products and services that will, in turn, benefit those communities long-term. It will give them opportunities to make more connections with prospective employers and clients globally, without the limitations of current freelancer marketplace boundaries.”


What is your vision for what GeoCatalyst™ will become?


“I hope GeoCatalyst™ will become a known brand name in many parts of the world. I hope it will be associated with high-quality, care for people, and fun through innovation and technology. I think the most important measure of GeoCatalyst™ will be the impact on people’s lives, versus any profits or returns it may generate – that it truly brings far more value to people than they ever put into it. I expect GeoCatalyst™ to become very large, but I don’t know the timing. I care alot for all people, and I enjoy technology. With those two factors alone, I see it going very far.”

 GeoCatalyst™ may not be the next big social media platform, but the goal is to create a digital meeting place between businesses and skilled workers, no matter how large or small their community is. Small Businesses have access to talent and skills that will move them forward, without having to pay a premium cost or even needing to sign up, to explore the registered freelancers, and the talent pool will be from anywhere someone can access a computer…from the heart of New York to tribal villages hidden in the mountains. “Freely find freelancers worldwide” puts you and your skills at the doorstep of business and potential employers from all over the globe.  

With some luck, some prayer, and some hard work, GeoCatalyst™ may become the premier site for connecting with skilled talent from around the globe. We recommend you stop on by their site and see what all the buzz is all about!