Get to know the Indy Commons!

Over the past few weeks, we have been working to provide technology to Indy Commons, a business incubator and accelerator located in Independence, Oregon. We met Kate S. back in the fall during a Corvallis CUPS event. The CUPS events are designed for business owners to get together, share ideas, network, and find ways to work together to better the business community. We were lucky to meet Kate right as she was working on opening her business right down the road from Corvallis. A business incubator is a place where businesses can rent small spaces for a low cost and have a place to work outside of their homes. These places can be found all over the state of Oregon and have many benefits including collaboration opportunities and mentorship.

Most of our followers know that Nerds Abroad’s biggest service is recycling technology. We are given used desktops, computer monitors, cell phones, printers, etc. all the time that we are able to find uses for. One use that we found was this incubator space, Indy Commons, needs desktops! Instead of having to buy brand new computers for this workspace, Nerds Abroad donated several desktop computers (after checking the hardware and upgrading the systems to Windows or Linux) and now they are ready to serve the community!

Nerds Abroad will continue to accept people’s used technology donations. Hopefully, one day, we will have our own incubator space to work in as we continue to jump forward onto our next projects. Stay tuned for more events coming in the spring & summer. As always, if you have technology you no longer want, feel free to make a donation to Nerds Abroad. We are here to serve you as your local, technology resource center!