We got a 3D Printer!

Nerds Abroad now owns a 3D printer!

This new technology has been in the news a lot from people printing houses to students printing prosthetic hands. However, we rarely talk about the foundations that are required for these big stories to happen. At Nerds Abroad we got a 3D printer and have partnered with Valor Christian School International to provide the students a tool they can use to further their education and own dreams.

The students will use the 3D printer to create parts for their HOV’s. This is part of a competition to build underwater robotic vehicles. With the use of 3D designs the students can make their own vision a reality. We are excitedly looking forward to seeing what innovations and new techniques the students create.

Why is this important?

The world of 3D design and printing is growing. We see that many in the engineering field are using 3D modeling tools such as SolidWorks, Inventor, and Fusion360 to digitally prototype models. By using 3D printers they are able to rapidly prototype the parts to ensure that they meet their specifications.

Providing a 3D printer to High School and Middle School students provides them an opportunity to get hands on with design and engineering. The world of tomorrow will be built by the youth of today and we want to provide them with every opportunity to allow them to express their dreams and fulfill their own aspirations.