Happy Holidays from Nerds Abroad!

Happy Holidays from Nerds Abroad!

We want to extend our gratitude for your continuing support of our organization. It has been quite the year! We have grown from an idea shared with some close friends, to a registered 501(c)3, partnering with five different organizations working around the globe. Our partner organization, BosonHub, has worked with three different organizations, creating digital marketing plans and web pages. Our board met for the first time in November, and we have a solid plan for growth in the coming year. We are excited to see what the future has planned for Nerds Abroad, and we are thankful you are a part of it.

One of the neatest projects we have been working on this fall has been with our partners at Life Christian School. All secondary students at the school are required to go on educational missions trips during spring of each year, and with this comes great efforts in fundraising. Students in the Business Math class have created an eBay account for Nerds Abroad and have been selling used electronics and other items to raise money for their trips. Other students have created microbusinesses ranging from import/export, web development and graphic design. All these businesses are coached by our very own board President and organization CEO! His experience in eBay (15 years), education (7+ years) and microbusinesses (5+ years) are helping the students grow their businesses into profitable enterprises to raise money for their service trips to Haiti, the Philippines, and various places around the USA. We just made our first few sales on our eBay account (pictured here) this weekend. Here is our eBay account. Keep track of what we are selling! Students are gaining real-world valuable skills in business, technology, customer service and many other “life skills.”

To see more information about our microbusiness campaigns, take a look at our partner page: www.fund-hope.com. Here are some example campaigns:

Also! As a reminder, make sure and take a look at our Amazon Smiles account to help Nerds Abroad raise money as you shop!

See you in 2016! Stay tuned for our first post in January…our team will create a fancy infographic to display some more amazing works we have been doing!

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