Who needs a computer? WE ARE BACK!


As the season is changing, school is back in session, and pumpkin is the new desired flavor in everything, the Nerds Abroad board is back at it again! Lots of things happened this summer. Nerds Abroad partnered with Bull Mountain Farmers Market to have their first educational booth. Nerds Abroad received their first ever grant from Valley Presbyterian Church. The President and the Secretary of the board also got married. It has been a busy summer.

Nerds Abroad thus far has been successful due to our generous donors this past year. We are finding that the industry of recycling old technology is in high demand. Schools and nonprofits who are fortunate enough to upgrade their technology are able to donate it to NA. As recipients of the technology, we decide whether the computers and printers are fixable and able to be resold. If they are not, we are able to properly recycle the materials with our local metal recycling centers.

This fall we are at it again with our technology fundraisers. Valley Presbyterian Community Church kindly donated all their old technology and we are trying to find homes for it all!

If you know of any non-profits or schools that are in need of computers or other technology, please contact us.

We will gladly accept any technology donations as well. Thank you for all of your continued support in our adventures!