Nerds Abroad and Asante Ministries

Last year during chapel at Life Christian School, we were restructuring our schedule and looking for more speakers to fill our scheduling gaps. My aunt, who is a long-time supporter and volunteer of Asante Ministries, sent me an email around the same time stating that they had a pastor visiting from Rwanda who was looking for opportunities to share his story. I asked them to join us at the school for a day, and the students very much enjoyed hearing Pastor Samuel’s story.

I made a point to keep in touch with the organization as I was inspired by the success stories of the orphans they support in Africa. I told them that in addition to teaching, I have a background in IT and own a web development company, BosonHub. They asked me to volunteer to fix some technology issues around the office (router, email, laptops, etc.), and this is where the relationship between Nerds Abroad and Asante began.

We continually assist Asante with their technology needs, and in partnership with BosonHub, we have provided web, marketing, and email services to increase their mission reach. We hope to bring the TechBox℠ program to their locations during 2016.

If your organization or nonprofit is looking for similar web, IT and marketing support, please take a look at our tech help page, and give us a shout!