Haitian Tablet Consortium

Starting in the summer of 2018, we began to investigate how we can use our technology resources and expertise to make a difference for transitional students in Haiti. We ran a pilot program in December, 2018,  funding 40 tablets to be sold by our students in a community called Titayen. Take a look at our results below. We are looking to expand the impact of this program. Will you join us?

What we do

Using funding from selling donated technology on eBay, and through grants, we designed a tablet specifically for our students in Haiti, based on research and focus groups. These tablets were imported directly to Haiti for resale. Students were given authority to set a culturally-appropriate price for the tablets. 


Key Research

Utilizing our partners in Haiti, we learned about the needs of local communities. We performed research and focus groups; processing and analyzing needs and trends.

Tablet Design

We identified a supplier who was able to build a tablet to the specifications given both in hardware and software. These tablets run a minimal version of the most recent version of Android, are made of durable plastic, and feature dual SIM cards and dual cameras.

Student Development

We have a long-running relationship with NCompass and many students in Haiti. We were able to identify students who were interested in selling tablets, making some extra income, and were willing to learn sales and customer service skills.

Business Analytics

Tablet sales were managed by our in-country partner, accounting for sales, pricing, sales date, etc. This data was analyzed and assessed for what went right and what could be imporved.



In December of 2018, we visited our partners and students in Haiti, interviewing students to ask their thoughts for the next students.


We are looking to run the program again, looking for a higher sustainability and impact. Purchasing in bulk, coaching, and continual improvement will increase our impact.

Watch our Impact Report below!

Our impact:

In a two week period, each student earned an average of $126. This is good income in Haiti during this time period. We hope to replicate this program again with more students for a bigger impact.

Tablets Sold


Avg. Sales Price

Dollars Generated

Why tablets?

Based on our research, tablets are in high demand in Haiti. It is difficult to find tablets at a reasonable cost for the average Haitian. We chose to subsidize the cost of these items as a pilot to assess the impact. What we learned is that our transitional students were far more interested in selling tablets as a tool of empowerment than as a way to make money. 

Our Funding

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to run this program again – with more students sharing the profit of 100 tablets. 

Most of our funding is coming from reinvested funds from the pilot program. Our eBay program over the next few months will also net funds that will be invested into this cause. We are seeking donations and grants to fill the gap. Donate today to help make this program a reality! Your donation is tax-deductible. 

  • Program reinvestment – $1800
  • eBay sales of donated computers – $4000
  • Grants and donations – $5800

From Our students

Here are some perspetives from our students who were a part of the pilot program:

It helped our community, like the [students] in University[ … ] many people were very interest- ed in the tablet – [the students] really need these tablets for education!”


My favorite aspect of this project was to help [my community]; even with my profits, I was able to help people;[ … ] I’m happy with the time I spent on this project and the impact I made [in my community]!”


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