Nerds Abroad partnership with Global ADE and eBay update!

Nerds Abroad has been working with a Portland-based non-profit for the past few months called Global ADE.

This organization’s mission “is to strengthen and support education in developing countries by funding programs driven by local community leaders.” When their CEO contacted us about a funding partnership, it was about the same time that Nerds Abroad had started our eBay store. We felt there was a lot of synergy between our organizations, and we started to sell some donated desktop computers from the University of Portland online. As of today, we have sold 14 desktops, for a profit of over $415! We still have 35 more desktop systems available for only $30 each!

We are honored to work with Global ADE and support their mission. Many other donors and organizations are helping our eBay store grow and flourish! These funds are helping us prepare to launch our new program and support our overall program development efforts.

Moving forward, we are excited about all the potential ways Global ADE and Nerds Abroad can continue work together. Their organization supports several school programs in Southeast Asia, and we hope to support this cause through our TechBox℠ program in the near future.