Nerds Abroad partnership with Nepal Medics

The Nerds Abroad team has been busy working on the tablet project for Haiti, but unfortunately, it has been put on hold for the moment because of the current political situation in Haiti. There will be more information coming out about that very soon.

But the Nerds Abroad team doesn’t sit still for long, and in the meantime, have been working on another project!

Last year, the Nerds Abroad President, Stephen, first got the opportunity to meet Patrick, the founder of Nepal Medics, who got him acquainted with his nonprofit. Through the creation of an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system, Nepal Medics provides local, Nepali responders with life-saving training and tools to handle different emergencies that come up. Some more information can be found on their website

Since the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the telecommunications network was completely rebuilt creating a massive opportunity for service and business. Nepal Medics saw this as an opportunity to use this state of the art grid to form their EMS system but they found they were in dire need of cell phones. Despite the country having gigantic mountains, it is currently the best way to get a hold of anybody in Nepal. This is when Patrick asked for Stephen’s help with getting access to more cell phones, as well as better marketing for the nonprofit.

Fortunately for Nepal Medics, Nerds Abroad had worked with a different nonprofit in the past which had a bin full of used and refurbished cell phones that were used previously be a past partner for virtual reality in the classroom. Stephen was able to bridge this connection and use the retired phones from that organization to be repurposed and sent to Nepal.

In total, Nerds Abroad sent twenty-two unlocked cell phones and sent them out last Monday. There are going to be many people that are going to be helped with this old technology, and NA is very excited to see how that will happen!

Nepal Medics also had a need for laptops. At that particular moment, NA was fresh out of laptops but a donor was kind enough to donate several broken Chromebooks. Some additional project funds we had fundraised were used to purchase new chargers and batteries for the Chromebooks. Once refurbished, the laptops were also sent out last Monday.

How can you help?

Nerds Abroad will gladly accept any technology donations. Contact us here or make a secure donation online through PayPal (no account needed). It will be most greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for updates on this project on the blog or on the Facebook page!

Vicki Tolmacheva