Why Your Organization Needs Cloud Storage NOW

In West Virginia, there is a plastic warehouse that has been burning for weeks and nobody knows what is stored inside. According to this article, the records addressing the chemicals inside are currently being burned up along with the factory. Your organization might not operate a chemical factory, but this situation illustrates why you need cloud storage, and why you need it today.

Many of us have used cloud storage even if we don’t know what it really is. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive, are all cloud storage systems. According to Amazon, “Cloud storage is a simple and scalable way to store, access, and share data over the Internet.” Rather than storing your items on your hard drive, an external drive or on a flash drive, you should store your files online.

Here are a few reasons you should switch over today:

  1. Offsite storage: Like the article illustrates, it may be safer to store important documents online. If your office burns-down, gets broken-into or has some sort of computing failure, wouldn’t it be nice to access your files immediately and in an emergency?
  2. Reliability: Computers fail. Hard drives die. Laptops get lost or stolen. This is the sad truth. If you have all of your important documentation on the cloud, it is less of a problem if you have hardware issues or it goes missing.
  3. Accessibility: Most cloud storage solutions have mobile apps and integration into Mac and PC operating systems for seamless access to your files, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  4. Secure: This is a big concern for many organizations, rightfully so with the media attention given to hacking and breaches. Top-tier security measures are in place for all major cloud storage systems, you can see an example of what DropBox does here for security.

I have indirectly mentioned about TechSoup in previous blogs, about how it is a gateway to massively discounted technology resources for your organization. Their most recent email featured similar software called Box, click this link to see all its unique features. There is no shortage of cloud storage solutions on TechSoup.

Nerds Abroad has helped a handful of organizations get authorized for Microsoft Office 365 online and Google Drive online, and get certified to use all TechSoup has to offer. If you are interested in learning more about cloud computing or about how to access TechSoup, we can help you get certified. Contact us today!