Press Release – COVID-19 Response from Nerds Abroad

Based on the significant impact felt in our local communities around Oregon due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nerds Abroad board has decided to release current technology inventory available to a broader scope of recipients in order to support a larger group of vulnerable folks in our state.

Nerds Abroad has an inventory of laptops, tablets, and cell phones that were to be used with our upcoming Empowerment Grant but will now be eligible for anyone within Linn or Benton county – the geographic limitation is to keep travel to a minimum. Folks in these areas can simply go to our webpage at and fill out the application. Our board will review each application and contact the recipient if we have a piece of technology suitable for the current need. Our first priority is to support students who find themselves taking classes from home and businesses who suddenly must operate online.

It is important to note that each machine or device, while not new by any means, have been upgraded and refurbished to their best available state. The goal is reliability, not speed. These pieces have been donated to us over the last several months, and have been re-sanitized as a safety precaution.

Our board will deliver each piece to the recipient, upon acceptance, at a specified time but will make no physical contact in order to maintain social distance. We ask in return, the recipient take a selfie for us to post on our social media for the impact we are making, if they feel comfortable.

We are doing our part to support community members and businesses during this challenging time. Please send all questions and comments to our Corporate Secretary at

If you have technology you would like to securely donate, please also contact us. We are can provide a tax-deductible receipt for each donation and destroy any personal data on anything donated to us.

More information can be found here:

Please be safe.


Stan Salot – President