Q2 – New partner: So Richly Blessed (Angola)

We are please to announce our Q2 partner – So Richly Blessed!

Last weekend, Lori Clements from So Richly Blessed came to visit us to discuss how she can better serve her target population in Angola. Lori had thought about ideas of opening a new school, creating a computer lab, or increasing support for her scholarship program, but was unsure about what would come next. Using our framework of Human Centered Design Thinking, we were able to go through the first activity in our series called “Frame your Design Challenge.” Quickly, we discovered that our challenge was to help change the mindset of young Angolans from “survive to thrive.” How were we going to go about this? The rest of our day was discovering how this would be accomplished while considering and honoring the culture and the people.

Ashley, Lori, and Stephen discussed several opportunities but landed on created an out-of-the-box financial literacy curriculum that would focus on development of goal setting, career-readiness, and entrepreneurship. This was inspired by Stephen’s 10 years teaching Junior Achievement curriculum through Oregon State University and Oregon State Credit Union, and the aim is to create a similar tool that is transliterated for the Angolan people and language. We plan on developing a prototype and a Pilot Program for deployment as soon as this summer. We will keep you updated as we solidify what this program will look like!

In addition, we are glad to support Lori and her organization through the donation of a laptop to her board in Angola. Stephen, our Board President, speaks Portuguese and was jazzed to install Windows 7 in this language! If you have technology to donate or if your organization is in need, contact us today!