Thank you to Surplus Gizmos!

Our 2001 Honda Odyssey was loaded to the max Рfar beyond the recommended payload of the minivan, straining the original suspension after 327k miles of well-loved family hauling. The Nerds Abroad Special Commuting Apparatus Removal (NASCAR) service delivered the well-over 1000 lbs. of servers and other networking equipment to various places around the city, and to the Nerds Abroad Headquarters.


Surplus Gizmos reached out to Nerds Abroad many weeks ago to ask if we knew local schools who needed networking supplies. Through our network, we were able to donate several systems to a local-area school, sell servers through our eBay store, and retrofit older servers as desktops. This was not only a great fundraiser for our programming, but also a solid channel of supporting technology education in our home city.

During our first initial visits, Surplus Gizmos noted that they had a large stock of broken projectors, but likely had enough to put together several working setups. Last week, Nerds Abroad was able to compile 8 working projectors for the same local school for their upcoming academic year. We will continue working with this school (stay-tuned for more updates!) in the future. If your academic institution is in-need of technology support, please contact us!


We would like to give a very warm-hearted THANK YOU to Surplus Gizmos for their support of Nerds Abroad and Portland-area technology education. Check our their Facebook or their eBay page!