Value of Hands-On-Deck + We are hiring interns!

This month, the Nerds Abroad crew is getting buckled down and preparing for the spring to come. We have had enough snow and rain to last us the rest of the year and now it’s time to look forward to the coming months and the sunshine. Two NA board members are taking an online course through Plus Acumen, a nonprofit designed to create an online learning community that empowers leaders to make change around the globe. Through this course, we are taking a look at problems that our children face and how to help them. Specifically, we are taking a course called “Systems Practice: A Practical Approach to Move from Impossible to Impact.

As most of you know, Nerds Abroad was created in hopes of reaching out to youth through empowerment of technology to spread knowledge to other nonprofits around the world, therefore creating a sustainable and creative way of helping others. Nerds Abroad is still young, and this spring/summer we plan to do research on the best way to accomplish our goal. We are looking for an intern who wants to get hands-on experience with nonprofit startups and who has a vision and passion to work with people. We are looking at giving our intern 4-6 hours a week in work which could involve: reaching out to businesses in the community, finding volunteers to work saturday markets/complete our Tech Box certification program, and would be interested in working with our current partners. While NA has been a learning process for most of the board members, we want to share our knowledge and wisdom to the future entrepreneur generations.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, email our Intern coordinator at We know that having people on board with our mission and goals is one of the best pathways to success. Won’t you join our journey?