There IS Value in your Old Technology! Our top 3 reuse ideas

3 ways to reuse or repurpose your old technology!

Weare willing to bet that most of us have our old electronics laying around our house somewhere collecting dust because we aren’t quite sure what to do with it. From creative uses, to practical refurbishment, there a plethora of ways you can put your old technology to good use.

Reformat with a new Operating System

As computers age, they slow down. Fact. This is usually due to the fact that as you install and uninstall programs and use the computer, the operating systems become bloated with tasks that are no longer in use, but are still running. Programs, webpages, and other apps are constantly becoming more resource-heavy as well. Most computer build in the last 5ish years have a hidden partition on the hard drive with a factory copy of the operating system. Backing up all your files, totally erasing your hard drive and reinstalling the operating system is a very easy and cheap way to get your technology power back! Backing up all your files is not as difficult as it seems, and there are now many free cloud-based storage solutions available for free that make this easy. For your music and images, find an inexpensive external hard drive, and erase away!

Repurpose your old technology (Read: Install Linux)

While there are many creative ideas on how to repurpose old technology into nightstand or a fish tank, even the oldest of computer systems still have power that can be unlocked. The best way to make this happen is by installing various flavors of Linux. Nerds Abroad is a HUGE supporter of the Open-Source movement, so we advocate the installation of Linux whenever we can. Linux is an Operating System alternative to MacOS or Windows, and has a community of geeks around the world that build and support hundreds of different types of Linux installations. We use Ubuntu to power a fleet of Lenovo desktops that were donated to our partner, and are currently for sale on eBay. One user already mentioned that he was surprised how fast it ran. There are even version of Linux that can be run off a USB thumb-drive and can run entirely out of the system RAM, making even the oldest of systems come back to life. One of the coolest projects we did at one of our partner schools is repurpose an old iMac system to run Debian Linux and emulate a vintage video game console.

Donate your tech to us!

If you don’t have the time or the energy to go through any of these steps, donating your technology is a great options. There are many e-cycle organizations in every city, but it is important to find a partner who will responsibly reuse, repurpose, or cycle your tech. There are many types of metals in old technology that can cause environmental harm if not handled properly. There is also a security risk for your old data. We are a bit bias, but our technology donation program will responsibly take care of your technology without these risks. Our team has Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher certification, meaning we will destroy your data is a 100% secure manner so it can never be accessed by anyone. We are also willing to backup your data for FREE, and store it on our server for your convenience download. Your technology will be reused in a partner program around the globe, or sold through our eBay store to support our program development. If you are interested in donating your old technology to us, contact us here. We appreciate your support!

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